The Prince Edward Island Massage Therapy Association is a collective group of Registered Massage Therapists who have been working to raise awareness of the benefits of therapeutic massage on PEI since 1996.  The College of Massage Therapists of Prince Edward Island (CMTPEI was established on March 1st, 2019. 



Massage therapy treats pain and dysfunction throughout the body. By using the hands-on techniques of massage, our members can affect muscle and soft tissue directly.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Benefits of massage therapy can include increased circulation, stretching muscles, and connective tissues while breaking down adhesions which limit mobility and aiding in a feeling of body awareness.

Our members are committed to creating positive change in muscle tone and general flexibility throughout the body.

Many common problems can be improved by massage therapy, such as aching muscles, tendonitis, muscle spasms, myofascial pain syndrome, whiplash, headaches, sprains/strains, and other sports injuries to name a few. While massage therapy does not replace conventional medical care, it can often provide lasting relief without the use of drugs or surgery

Regular massage therapy sessions are also an excellent way to reduce day-to-day stress and tension while increasing feelings of tranquility, energy and vitality.

The Prince Edward Island Massage Therapy Association's goal is to promote massage therapy as a central part of a healthier lifestyle.

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