Board Members

Meet Our 2020-2021 Board


President:  [vacant]

Past President:  Stephanie Scharf

Stephanie Scharf, RN, RMT, is a Registered Massage Therapist (since 1997) and a Registered Nurse working in private practice in Cavendish, PEI.  

In addition to the fundamental Swedish Massage Therapy training that all RMT's receive, she has training in sports injury treatment, lymphatic drainage, pregnancy massage, myofascial release techniques, and palliative care. Because of Stephanie's medical background, health care professionals refer their patients to her for treatment following an injury, car accident, surgical procedure, or for supportive therapy during illness and palliation. 

Although her practice focuses on the treatment of physical trauma and post-surgical rehabilitation, she advocates prevention rather than treatment of illness and injury and promotes massage therapy as a preventative therapy.

In addition to volunteering her time as President of the PEIMTA, Stephanie is also a member of the Gulf Shore Community Health Corporation Board engaging in health promotion to 17 North Shore communities. Recently, she received the Senate 150 Medal in recognition of her community service.

Stephanie is very excited about the PEIMTA advocating for its members and promoting the profession of massage therapy.  She is passionate about continued lifelong learning and looks forward to developing and sourcing educational and research materials that will assist members with their learning outcomes.

Stephanie and her husband, Chris, have two grown daughters and they also adore their three fur babies -- Monty and Lucy (Boston terriers), and Edna (the cat.) They love living in Cavendish year-round and find the beauty of the area astounding! Stephanie has a passion for travel and loves to see and experience new places and cultures.

Vice President:  Christy Richardson 

Christy Richardson is a Registered Massage Therapist working out of both Charlottetown Massage Therapy and Reactive Health (Now n Zen) in Stratford, PE.  She gravitates towards sports and other injury treatments.

Christy is no stranger to massage therapy, having spent 19 years working in Sydney, NS and here on PEI. She believes that everyone should have access to massage therapy and would like to see massage therapy covered under provincial health care.  

Having moved here from Nova Scotia, serving on the PEIMTA Board has allowed her to meet and connect with fellow RMTs. In addition to volunteering on the PEIMTA board, Christy also coaches high school soccer. Coaching and playing sports along with her family and friends keeps Christy invigorated and enjoying life.  Christy and her partner have a golden retriever who is their big fur baby and they love getting out and about with him as much as possible.

Membership Coordinator & Treasurer: Elise Taplay Ryan

Elise Taplay Ryan is a Registered Massage Therapist with Just For You Massage Therapy near Basin Head in Kingsboro.  Elise specializes in deep tissue massage to alleviate pain and to help control PTSD symptoms.  A big believer in self-care for clients she provides knowledge and referrals to other health professionals when a person arrives with issues outside of her scope of practice.  She is a direct communicator who believes that her clients want honesty and openness, empathy, and skill from their RMT. 

She has been a Registered Massage Therapist in PEI since 2014, having begun her massage career in Stoney Creek, ON in 2006.  Elise is a former police officer who worked as a CP Rail Constable for 13 years in Toronto, prior to becoming an RMT.  She owned a massage clinic in Ontario and works as a sole practitioner in PEI.  She brings knowledge of good business practices and report writing to her position with the PEIMTA Board.  Elise has served on the Board of the PEIMTA as Treasurer since April 2017 with additional Membership Coordinator responsibilities added in March 2019 when a vacancy occurred due to the College of Massage Therapists of PEI being formed. 

Before joining the PEIMTA Board, Elise volunteered in Ontario, with the Hamilton Out of the Cold Program for 16 years, supervising volunteers in the kitchen as well as preparing meals for up to 120 people in an evening.   Currently, she volunteers with various youth programs at her church and serves on her church’s Board of Management and Deacons Board. 

Elise married Al Ryan in 2004.  Her husband has family roots in Bayfield, on the northeast side of PEI, which is what brought them to the island when Al retired from ArcelorMittal Dofasco in 2014.  They currently have one fur baby, a bull mastiff/hound cross named Abby and they look after Bella, a friend’s Shiatsu on a regular basis.  Elise believes that all living beings, human or animal, should be treated with dignity and compassion. She has a passion for service having a big heart for all things breathing life. Elise will continue serving both her RMT and her home community, in whatever capacity she is needed for as long as she is able.  

Secretary:  Martha Robinson

Martha Robinson is a Registered Massage Therapist and sole proprietor of Be Well Massage and Aromatherapy. She has lived and worked as an RMT in PEI for ten years, and before that was a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist in the United States (for 15 years) and a massage therapy teacher for 10 years in three different schools, including eight years teaching in a 2200hour program.

Martha’s slogan has always been “Dedicated to the Art of Conscious Touch”.  The focus of her practice combines the art and science of massage therapy, and she believes that her ability to connect with people gives depth and meaning to her work, in addition to the science of physiology, pathology and soft tissue manipulation.

Her areas of special interest include geriatric massage, PTSD and anxiety disorders, fibromyalgia, Craniosacral Therapy, and massage in Hospice and Palliative Care.

Before joining the PEIMTA Board, Martha volunteered as an RMT with hospice and palliative care in PEI, mostly working with people with ALS and other progressive nervous system atrophies. She has also volunteered for four years with the crew of volunteers for the PEI Marathon.

She lives in Cumberland with her partner- John, two cats, and a parrot, and is supremely grateful and happy to call PEI home.

Research Coordinator:  Leslie Teeple

Leslie Teeple is a Registered Massage Therapist working from her home in O’Leary.  She specializes in treating clients that are suffering from injuries acquired from activities around the home, work, or during sports.

Leslie is a big believer in health care needing to become proactive versus reactive, and that massage therapy plays a large role in this. Leslie became an RMT in PEI in 2018.  Before that, she was an RMT in Ontario since 2005. She is qualified to provide Swedish massage, joint mobilizations, and strain – counter strain therapy.  Leslie holds an Honour’s Diploma in Massage and Hydrotherapy from Canadian Therapeutic College in Burlington, ON.

Leslie is no stranger to massage therapy, having spent 13 years working in multidisciplinary clinics with other RMTs, Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Physiotherapists in Simcoe, Ontario and Alberton, PEI.  

Prior to starting her home business, Leslie spent 13 years working in retail and worked her way up to a manager of a family clothing store.  She trained staff in customer service.

Leslie believes that all people needing massage therapy should have access to massage and have coverage for their treatments.  She also believes that PEIMTA can raise the visibility of massage therapy among health care professions.

Reading, baking, and long walks keep Leslie energized.  She loves the beaches and long drives down the red dirt roads of PEI. Leslie has a husband, 2 stepsons, and a birth-son. Leslie and family – Don, Dean, Brian along with dog (Tipper) and birds (Jake, Sassy, and Hedwig) enjoy life in O’Leary where they have lived for 1 year.


Member at Large:  Bobbie Ford

 Bobbi graduated from ICT Northumberland College, Halifax N.S in 2000. She has worked in a variety of settings alongside Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, and in Nursing home facilities.  Seeing the benefits of massage and its results makes this profession so rewarding.  Spending her time with her kids and many activities like gardening, beach time, and painting fill her non-working hours to which she loves. 

Member at Large:  Keslie MacEachern

Keslie MacEachern was born and raised in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. She graduated from Northumberland College for Massage Therapy in 2004 and has been practising as a  Registered Massage Therapist on the Island ever since. She currently works from her home in the Stratford area and feels very fortunate to do so.  She has a small practice and has worked with most of her clients for many years now.  She primarily focuses on chronic pain and injury treatments but, loves prenatal massage and working with athletes as well.

 Her love of massage therapy and wellness started at a young age as she was heavily involved in sports and spent a lot of time using physical therapies and using a combination of modalities to stay healthy and injury-free. She also spent many years working at The Root Cellar which is a natural health food store here in Charlottetown. It was her cousin, a Naturopathic Doctor, who suggested she become a Massage Therapist and it was the absolute best advice.  She has never looked back and feels fortunate every day she chose a career that allows her to help keep people healthy and happy!

She has served on the PEMTA Board as the Vice President before and is happy to be a part of the board in another capacity.

Keslie enjoys spending time with her hubby, 2 children, and their doggie, Freddie. One of the things she loves most about working from home is being able to make a schedule that works for her family and her clients.

Member at Large: Stacey MacLeod

Stacey-Lynn MacLeod graduated from ICT Schools in Moncton in June 2011, following graduation she moved down to St. Andrews, NB and worked at the Fairmount Algonquin for a year before returning home to PEI where she then opened her own practice and held the practice for the last eight years.  Stacey moved to Moncton, NB last year and has been working at the Salisbury Chiropractic and Rehab Clinic as well as continuing her practice on the island.  Stacey is very passionate about educating the public on the importance of body wellness and the benefits of Massage Therapy.  Stacey is looking forward to working with the PEIMTA and board members.

Member at Large: (Vacant)